A Few Tips On Renting A Luxury Car In Florence, Italy

If you’re a regular traveler you already realize that there are several ways to see and experience a foreign country. The first time you go, you might want to take a tour that is guided so that you can see the regular sights that will be highlighted throughout and you’ll be fairly happy.

You’ll meet other travelers that speak your language and you’ll get to know the country and culture as well, riding a luxury car rental from http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/italy/florence/. But, once you’ve been there and done that, the next time you go you’ll want to see some of the sites that aren’t on the tours and stay away from all of the tourists too. That’s when you might consider renting a luxury car for Florence, Paris, or Bonn and designing your own itinerary.

Visit The Online Travel Forums To Write Your Itinerary

There are thousands of travel forums where world travelers have written stories about the places they’ve been, the meals they ordered and the drinks they’ve had. These are an incredible resource for anyone wanting to travel to the same destination and try some of the same foods, or avoid those that had bad reviews.

When you search for “off the beaten path in Florence Italy” you’ll learn that there are little bistros on many of the side streets that no one has ever heard of with the best food ever. The same with bars, hotels, bed and breakfasts, awesome views, and hidden romantic spots.

Then, you can print up the descriptions of these quaint little places and make a plan to visit them on your trip as well by booking an exotic car from http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com. When it comes to parking your luxury car in Florence, others will have already found the best places for you.

Or, if it’s impossible to park, as many European cities are, then you’ll know exactly how to get public transportation to where you want to go. The advantage of renting a car is that then, there isn’t anyplace you can’t go, and millions of options open up to you that aren’t on the usual tourist route.

Most of the locals avoid the touristy places like the plague, for obvious reasons, and you’ll find the best places, with the best food and drinks, aren’t where the tourists are.

As You Design Your Itinerary, Keep These Things In Mind

Nearly all exotic or luxury car rental agencies will insist that you keep their expensive cars on paved roads, no gravel or dirt roads allowed, this is especially true when you rent a limousine in Dubai. You’re also required to stay under the posted speed limit, plus no drinking and driving at all. If you’re wanting to hit a few brewpubs, take a walking route and then take a taxi back to your hotel. Besides, getting caught driving while intoxicated on an unknown road in a foreign country is a ticket for disaster.

There are some places that are perfect for driving your luxury rental car in Florence and you can search for them online. There are plenty of nice, romantic, views where you can watch the sunset while you listen to music. You can find and visit all of these places, just do the research, rent the car, and go.